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The Language Center offers proctoring services for the ACTFL telephonic Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI), Oral Proficiency Interview Computerized (OPIc), and the Written Proficiency Test (iWPT)

Candidates who have to take the ACTFL telephonic OPI, the OPIc or the iWPT are required by Language Testing International (LTI), the testing organization for ACTFL, to do online registration (paper forms are not accepted).

The OPI, OPIc, and iWPT each require that a non-refundable proctoring fee be paid in CASH ONLY to Ms. Daissy Santamaria (Room 101, CAC Lab Office) EITHER before the test date OR on the test date before the session begins.

All OPIs, OPICs and iWPTs are administered on campus at the Rutgers College Avenue Language Lab.


OPI - $20.00

OPIc by Computer - $20.00

iWPT by Booklet - $25.00

iWPT by Computer - $20.00



OPI - $30.00

OPIc by Computer - $30.00

iWPT by Booklet - $35.00

iWPT by Computer - $30.00


ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) 

Applicants for the telephonic OPI are required to provide two (2) possible test dates and times to LTI. These dates/times must be chosen in collaboration with the Rutgers test proctor, Ms. Daissy Santamaria.  Call 848-932-7883 to speak with Ms. Santamaria, who will assign you the two dates and times she will be able to proctor your telephonic OPI.

IMPORTANT: In order to keep your two assigned dates and times reserved, you must forward to Ms. Santamaria the confirmation emailed to you from LTI indicating that your registration has been received by LTI. Failure to forward your confirmation email to Ms. Santamaria can result in the loss of your two dates and times and their reassignment to another applicant.

 The non-refundable proctoring fee is separate from the $134.00 fee paid to LTI for the OPI.

ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview Computerized (OPIc) and the Written Proficiency Test (iWPT)

The next OPIc test date is Friday, April 28, at 3:00 pm. The deadline to register for this session, which takes place in Room 119 of the College Avenue Language Lab, is by 12 noon on Friday, April 21.

Registration deadlines are calculated based on the LTI requirment of ten business days to process applications.

The non-refundable proctoring fee is separate from fees paid to LTI for the OPIc or the WPT.

Registration Procedures

Once the date(s) and time(s) for your test(s) have been acquired, go to to register for the test(s). 

1. In the upper right corner of the LTI home page, click on Are you a client, test candidate, or proctor? Click here.

2. Under the Test Candidates category, click on Click here to apply for a test.

3. On the Test Candidate Site, follow the instructions to create a NEW USER account.  Rutgers students should NOT use a Rutgers email address when creating a new account.

4. Once on the Registration Site, click on Apply for an ACTFL Test under ACTFL Test Application.

5. FOR RUTGERS STUDENTS ONLY: On the Register for a Test page, enter RUTGERS in the Search by Program or School Name field and click on Search.  Then choose either Rutgers Language Major Exit Requirement (for Spanish Majors who have completed, or are completing, 940:499) or Rutgers Teacher Certification Program (for students in GSE programs) and complete the online registration form.



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