New Initiative! - The Language Bank

The Language Bank is a Rutgers University initiative that supports New Jersey community organizations through free translation and interpreting services. We are now accepting applications from Rutgers students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the community that can use their multi-lingual skills to


Benefits of Multilingualism

There are multiple benefits to being multilingual, multiliterate, and multicultural in today’s global society. Click here to read more.

Using Languages in your Career

Languages are among the top eight skills required across all occupations. From health care and government to finance and sports (and everywhere in between), employers are seeking professionals who can communicate with a wide range of individuals both domestically and abroad. Wondering where to


With Campus Quiet, Students Go Online to “Swap” Languages

Read what Rutgers students have to say about the LEP Exchanges Initiative and how they continued their learning experience in the virtual world.

Read the article here: With Campus Quiet, Students Go Online to “Swap” Languages

Written by John Chadwick | SAS Senior Writer