howthebibleiswritten cover 6171f8b04d6bdType: Book
Author: Gary A. Rendsburg
Date of Publication: 2019
Publishing Company: Hendrickson
City: Peabody, MA
ISBN: 978-1-68307-197-6
Brief Description: The book focuses on the nexus between language and literature in the Hebrew Bible (Old Testament), with specific attention to how the former is used to create the latter. Topics include wordplay, alliteration, repetition with variation, dialect representation, intentionally confused language, marking closure, and more. Readers typically approach the Bible for its moral teachings, theological insights, historical information, and the like, without giving much thought to the literary aspects of the text. The result is that while the contents of the Bible are well known, the careful and often sophisticated manner in which those contents have been crafted is too often underappreciated. As a result, readers frequently miss out on a great deal of the richness that the Bible has to offer. The goal of the present volume is to bring interested readers – scholars and laypeople alike – closer to the original text of the Hebrew Bible and to provide them with a greater appreciation of its literary artistry and linguistic virtuosity. In short, this book focuses not so much on what the Bible says as how the Bible says it.