Cisco Webex is a real-time video, voice, and chat communications software platform. It enables users to host and participate in virtual meetings with two or more people securely from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. Webex offers high-definition video, screen sharing, in-meeting chat, voice calling, document sharing and virtual whiteboard collaboration. Webex can be used in conjunction with Cisco codecs (camera systems for meeting and classroom spaces) as well as through a web browser, desktop app, or mobile device app.

Rutgers provides centrally funded access to Webex for faculty, staff, students, and guests.

Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Basics

For more in-depth information, follow this link: Webex Meetings - Best Practices and Overview

Additional Information

To activate your Webex account, go to, click on "Service Activation", and log in with your NetID.

Select the checkbox next to "Rutgers Webex", then "Activate Services".


Webex can be used by students to record conversations in pairs or groups.

Not all students will have the same access to technology and/or WiFi strength so for each pair or group, a “host” student should be identified. The host student will need to have a Webex account activated, and will need to record the meetings when they take place. It would be best if each host student has a laptop or desktop computer with the Webex Meetings app installed that they can use when holding each meeting.

Students can see information on how to activate their Webex account, as well as some quick start info, here:
For students or groups with slower connection speeds, if disruptions in the meeting occur, all users in the meeting should disable their cameras, so that only audio is being transmitted, reducing the amount of data and saving bandwidth.


Once meetings have taken place and been recorded, the host student can access the recording from their Webex dashboard at The file can then be downloaded and shared with the instructor.

Students have a 15MB limit on cloud storage within their Webex dashboard, so all meetings should be promptly downloaded, saved, and deleted from their Webex cloud storage so that they will have space in the event that they need to record another meeting.

Alternately, if a student is using a Windows computer, when starting the recording in the desktop Webex app, the student can choose to save the file directly to their computer.

More information about recording a meeting can be found here:

A video of how to use the Webex Meetings desktop app can be found here:

Webex Lock Meetings Instructions 1

Webex Lock Meetings Instructions 2



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Further information can be found at and

For Webex support, contact OIT at 1-833-OIT-HELP or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.