Summer T & I

For educators, undergraduate students, and other language proficient individuals interested in enhancing their employment opportunities or seeking a career in translation and interpreting:

• Are you a language educator who has been asked to interpret in an educational setting?
• Do you feel that you have the advanced language proficiency necessary to interpret but lack the practical skills to do it effectively?
• Have you ever thought of using your language talents in new and exciting ways that would allow you to acquire skills that could add to your income?

If the answer is “YES” to any or all of these questions, then check out our courses that could expand your career opportunities! They also may count towards your MAT degree! (Check with your graduate director for approval.)


16:617:531:A1:01710 cross listed with 01:617:431:A1:02534
ONLINE; 5/29 - 6/22

This course conducted in English requires near-native competence in two languages and basic knowledge of translation techniques. Discussion of translation memory, storage of term bases, and file maintenance for CAT tools. Introduction to major CAT software. Students may work in the second language of their choice but must email instructor ( with their language combination in translation before registering.