Take The 991 Challenge!

Create a 1-credit World Languages Module

 A message to faculty from SAS Dean of Humanities, Michelle Stephens:

In the spirit of creating different learning experiences for our students, I would like to invite you to take The 991 Challenge!

What is The 991 Challenge?

The 991 Challenge is an opportunity for faculty to think outside the traditional norms of scholarship, to create different learning experiences for their students, and to motivate them with innovative pedagogical approaches.

The Language Engagement Project periodically calls for proposals of interdisciplinary and innovative collaborations between departments and/or schools that offer 1-credit language modules under the new 991 subject code, World Languages. Language or language-related modules are added (for an additional 14 hours) to courses in other fields and taught by the same or different instructors. The module enrollment will still be credited to the department originating the three-credit course to which the module is attached.

Your concept paper should include the following:

  1. General description of the module and how it relates to the original course (2-3 paragraphs)
  2. Target audience & language (1-2 paragraphs)
  3. General calendar (10 or 14 weeks) that includes a list of topics and possible related in/off class activities and tasks of the additional module (an outline is fine)

Please Note: 

  1. Submission should be in one file (Word .doc or .pdf)
  2. Classroom setting must be traditional (no hybrid or online modules)
  3. Your submission may include a copy of the three-credit course syllabus to which you plan to attach your module.
  4. If approved, you will receive an e-mail from Professor Celines Villalba Rosado putting you in touch with our Pedagogy and Curriculum Board members who will help you develop the final proposal.
  5. Approved proposals will be offered in the following academic year.

SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO 991submission@tlc.rutgers.edu

 If your proposal is selected, you will receive a stipend or research funds of $1,000.00.

- Michelle Stephens, SAS Dean of Humanities


Contact us at 991info@tlc.rutgers.edu

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