MAT Portfolio Independent Study

MAT candidates who have accumulated 27 credits of course work are encouraged to register for their last three credits, which is an independent study, to begin work on their capstone project, a teaching portfolio. Students with only 24 credits may register concurrently during the academic year or during the summer for the last WLI course needed to acquire 27 credits as well as for the independent study.

Following are some general guidelines for the MAT portfolio procedure, but candidates should be aware that each language department might have slightly different requirements.


STEP 1:  Selecting a Committee

Before registering for the independent study, MAT candidates should confer with the departmental graduate director to inform him/her about their number of credits acquired to date and to indicate their readiness to begin work on a teaching portfolio. At that time, candidates should discuss with the graduate director some appropriate choices for a two-person portfolio committee. Candidates are responsible for selecting a committee director, and then in consultation with this director, choosing the other committee member. This committee may be composed of either:

a) one professor (who serves as the committee director) within the candidate’s language department with whom the candidate has taken WLI courses AND one of the following pedagogy experts:

Douglass Crouse (French, Italian, Spanish)
Lucy Lee (Chinese) 973-219-7514
Karen Sánchez (French, German, Italian, Spanish)
Martin Smith (French, Spanish)


b) two professors (one of whom serves as the committee director) within the candidate’s language department with whom the candidate has taken WLI courses

Once the two-member committee has been selected, the candidate should send their names to the WLI via the following link:
Portfolio Committee Member Information Submission Form


STEP 2: Registering for the Independent Study Course

Once the committee selection and name submission steps are completed, MAT candidates who are ready to work on their teaching portfolio during the academic year or during the summer should register for the following independent study course:

This course requires a special permission number, so call 848-932-7016 for assistance with registration.

Candidates may, with committee approval, extend their independent study into the following semester if additional time is needed to complete and present their portfolio.


STEP 3: Selecting a Method of Communication with a Committee

Once committee selection and registration for the independent study have been completed, the candidate should discuss with his/her committee members how they will communicate and exchange portfolio files. Regardless of the method of interaction chosen, Committee members should direct their candidates to the MAT Portfolio Development web page,which provides the essential instructions, forms and other documents used to create a Portfolio.


STEP 4: Presenting a Portfolio - Pre and Post Procedures

After the two-person committee has approved the final version of the teaching portfolio, the candidate will be required to make a presentation of this project, which usually lasts approximately one hour.

The candidate should coordinate closely with his/her committee and his/her department´s Administrative Assistant to be sure all required MAT forms are completed prior to the presentation of a portfolio, and that the necessary forms are available at the presentation for committee members to sign. The candidate should verify who is responsible for returning completed MAT paperwork to the language department so that it can be submitted in a timely manner to the Graduate School for processing.

Once the presentation has been scheduled with the committee members, the candidate should inform the WLI of the presentation´s date, time and location via the following link:
Portfolio Final Presentation Information Submission Form