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Teaching Strategies for World Language Instructors

The Department of Italian at Rutgers University offers a four-week online professional development certificate for teachers of all world languages. Based on three modules, these highly interactive and engaging courses equip teachers with dynamic and effective ways to introduce students to the richness of world language through experiencing current events, food, and culture. Topics allow teachers to prepare their students for the AP exam/college courses, while simultaneously earning 12 professional development hours.

  • Session runs from October 1 - October 20, 2023.
  • Originally three modules, all content has been combined into one four-week course.
  • The tuition for each module WAS $250 for a total of $750. At $600, this combined program lets you save money!
  • A professional development certificate is awarded by Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey for completion.
  • TO REGISTER and pay with a credit card or by e-check, follow this link: https://go.rutgers.edu/b6td1yzp
  • Purchase Orders Accepted! To inquire about paying by PO, fill out the form found here: https://go.rutgers.edu/h636uf8h 


Teaching Inclusive Language Promoting Diversity and Multiculturality

In a world where the progress in technology, the affirmation of social media platforms, and gaming have made the universe a much smaller place, it should be natural to recreate this boundless space in our classroom and more so in our language classroom. Nevertheless, this is not as easy as it sounds! Join us to learn strategies and techniques to turn your language class into a ‘global ‘class. Among other things we will learn how to use students' diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds as a base for learning L2 and its culture and to promote diversity, inclusion, and equality.

Teaching Effectively by Making Learning Relevant

One of the hardest things for language instructors today is to really engage and motivate our fastpaced students. It is important to create a student-centered learning environment where students get the chance to engage with the professor, the course material and their peers on a deeper level; it is mandatory to make learning meaningful to them. The course will demonstrate how the use of a variety of active learning strategies enhances students’ engagement and performance.

Teaching Language Through Current Events

To fully understand a country and appreciate its language, it’s important to know not only what that country was once but also what it is today. The course demonstrates effective practices for teaching a language through conversations and readings that concern current trends and issues in and around the country of the target language.

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Your Instructor:

Carmela ScalaDr. Carmela Scala
Director of Italian Language Program
Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Director of the Italian Language Program, Dr. Carmela Scala has been a member of the Italian faculty at Rutgers since 2014. A native of Naples, Italy, she is the author of three books, New Trends in Italian Cinema: New-Neorealism (2013), Fairy Tales: A World Between The Imaginary And Popular Traditions (2015) and Un viaggio fantastico nella lingua e nella cultura italiana (Intermediate Italian Reader, 2016). She is also the founder and the chief editor of the Language Teaching and Technology Journal and has created numerous online and hybrid courses. Currently, she is working on a new manuscript "Best Practices for Online Teaching."