Why study the
M.A.T. at Rutgers?

Rutgers’ Master of Arts for Teachers programs are designed for those who are currently teaching or intend to teach at the K-12 level. Our programs emphasize language, literature, and culture as well as pedagogy, technology, and assessment, allowing current and prospective teachers invaluable insight into the languages they teach. Essential to the degree is the development of a teaching portfolio, in which students are guided by a selected committee. Studying the M.A.T. at Rutgers benefits teachers by enhancing their knowledge base in their area of expertise, allowing them to establish strong curricula and act as leading educators in their work environment. This degree can also help teachers to jump-start their careers and potentially lead to higher earnings. Our programs (listed below) are generally completed in two to three academic cycles, including summers, and courses are delivered in a variety of formats (in-person, online, and hybrid).

The Master of Arts for Teachers (M.A.T.) in Chinese is primarily designed for practicing Chinese language teachers at American secondary schools who wish to further develop their professional knowledge and skills. The program is also intended to serve the needs of those interested in pursuing a career related to Chinese language and culture teaching, especially at K-12 schools. It partially fulfills the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) requirements to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) to teach Chinese at K-12 schools in NJ. The M.A.T. in Chinese in itself does not lead to certification or a degree in education (see box below for more information). The program may also be of interest to Rutgers University undergraduates majoring in Chinese or related fields contemplating a career as Chinese language teachers in K-12 schools in NJ and elsewhere. The M.A.T. in Chinese is a terminal degree and does not lead to Ph.D. studies.

Please see the main program web page here for more details: http://asianlanguages.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/mat-in-chinese

The M.A.T. program in French Studies is designed for individuals already teaching French. A candidate is admitted on the basis of formal background in French studies. An application for the M.A.T. program is normally considered only after the student has completed one summer of coursework (a minimum of two three-credit courses) in the Rutgers’ summer World Languages Institute. These WLI courses can be applied toward the M.A.T. degree. Regardless of admission to the M.A.T. degree, these course credits may potentially be used to meet requirements for professional continuing education, certification or re-certification, or transfer to another program. Appropriate courses are offered primarily in the summer; any student wishing to take courses toward the M.A.T. degree during the regular academic year (whether graduate or undergraduate) may do so with the permission of the Graduate Director.

Please see the main program web page here for more details: https://french.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/mat

The Masters in the Art of Teaching (M.A.T.) in German is designed for those already teaching German or working toward certification. Undergraduates majoring in German (or Education) and intending to teach German may wish to augment the BA with this degree. A candidate is admitted on the basis of prior academic or professional performance. The GRE is not required for admission. The course requirements of this program may be satisfied by coursework taken during the regular academic year, during the summer session, and abroad. Each student is strongly encouraged to participate in a certified graduate Study Abroad program (i.e., one approved by the Graduate Director) during the course of study; these course credits will be applied to the total of thirty required credits. Students wishing to take courses toward the M.A.T. degree during the regular academic year may do so with the advice and permission of the Graduate Director. Please note that the M.A.T. degree does not lead directly to teacher certification. However, credits earned toward the M.A.T. may apply toward certification requirements.

Please see the main program web page here for more details: http://german.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/m-a-t

The M.A.T. program is intended primarily for those who are teaching, or intend to teach, at the secondary school level. The program emphasizes language, literature, and culture. Candidates for the M.A.T. must satisfactorily complete ten term courses (30 credits), including the completion of a teaching portfolio.

Please see the main program web page here for more details: http://italian.rutgers.edu/academics/graduate/mat

Rutgers University's online M.A.T. in Spanish is a program that can be completed totally online or in a combination of course platforms – online, hybrid, on-campus, and/or summer study abroad in Spain and Peru. Such offerings allow flexibility in course planning, life demands, personal preference, and program completion timeframe. Online, on-campus, and hybrid courses are offered year-round, including during Summer Session by the department, as well as through The Language Center's World Languages Institute (WLI) program.

Deadlines to apply to the Spanish M.A.T.:

  • Fall Semester - August 15
  • Spring Semester - December 1
  • Summer Session - April 15

Please see the main program web page here for more details: http://span-port.rutgers.edu/mat