Master of Arts for Teachers (MAT)

Why study the
M.A.T. at Rutgers?

Rutgers’ Master of Arts for Teachers programs are designed for those who are currently teaching or intend to teach at the K-12 level. Our programs emphasize language, literature, and culture as well as pedagogy, technology, and assessment, allowing current and prospective teachers invaluable insight into the languages they teach. Essential to the degree is the development of a teaching portfolio, in which students are guided by a selected committee. Studying the M.A.T. at Rutgers benefits teachers by enhancing their knowledge base in their area of expertise, allowing them to establish strong curricula and act as leading educators in their work environment. This degree can also help teachers to jump-start their careers and potentially lead to higher earnings. Our programs (listed below) are generally completed in two to three academic cycles, including summers, and courses are delivered in a variety of formats (in-person, online, and hybrid).