lighthouseSelf-Assessment for Volunteers – Is this right for me?

If you want to assess your skills before volunteering for the Language Bank, below are some resources to help you evaluate and improve your language ability.

Self-assessment tests are provided by the Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR). We recommend at least a Level 2 competence level in the different areas:







In this table you will find the equivalences between ILR, CEFR and ACTFL

Novice High​

 Proficient  C2  Distinguished  5 4/4+
 C1  Superior  3+ 3
 Independent  B2  Advanced Plus  2+
 Advanced  2
 B1  Intermediate High / Pre-Advanced  1+
 Basic  A2  Intermediate Mid  1
 Intermediate Low
 A2 Novice High  1
 Novice Mid  0+
 Novice Low


Training and Tests

In this section you will find training materials and some documents that have been officially translated in different languages.

To test your translation competency, we recommend you choosing one of the texts, translating it to the best of your abilities, and then comparing it with the official translation. This will give you a good sense of your translation proficiency. Though your translation does not have to be identical, it should render the same meaning while respecting the register of the original.

For interpreting, we recommend using the sample audio practices and watching the training videos to assess your interpreting abilities.



Your Lab Tests, by the American Cancer Society


Wage and Hour Division. Publications in Spanish, Bahasa Indonesian, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Haitian, Hindi, Hmong, Korean, Polish, Punjabi, Russian, Samoan, Somali, Tagalog, Thai, Urdu, and Vietnamese.


Retail Food Protection Industry Educational Materials


Here you will find some resources for practicing and self-assessing your interpreting skills: